Biography Of Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks was born in  Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 7, 1962. Four years later the Brooks family moved to Yukon, where his father Troyal, a former Marine, worked as a draftsman in the oil industry. His mother, the former Colleen Carroll, recorded for Capitol Records in the mid-1950s and performed with Red Foley on the Ozark Jubilee. But Colleen wasn’t Garth’s only musical inspiration around the house. His father played guitar, teaching Garth his first chords, while his sister Betsy “…could play anything with strings or keys.”

Musical influences at the Brooks home were wide ranging. Troyal and Colleen loved country artists like Merle Haggard and George Jones. Garth’s siblings had tastes that stretched from Janis Joplin and Townes Van Zandt to Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Boston and Journey. Garth listened to it all, especially drawn to singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg.*



Brooks had thought about going into music for quite some time but didn’t know which ‘avenue’ to take and then in 1980 he was riding with his father back home when a song came on the radio and the dj said he comes a new kid from Texas I think you’re going to like his sound and the song was Unwound, the artist was George Strait it was at that moment he had found his calling and the rest as you know is history.